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Nakagusuku Castle Ruins World Heritage Site:Appearance

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins World Heritage Site

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Basic Information

  • 503 ōgusuku, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun
  • Tel : 098-935-1146 / Fax :
  • http://www.nakagusuku-jo.jp/
  • 0830-1730, Summer hours (Jun. - Sep.): 0630 - 1730
  • ※Admission Fee: Adults - \300, Ages 13-17 - \200, Ages 6-12 - \100. *Special group pricing available for groups of 20 people or more.

Nakagusuku-jō was built with six courtyards. During World War II, a large number of Okinawan cultural assets were destroyed, but Nakagusuku-jō sustained little damage and survived in good condition. The castle remains were declared a National Historic Site on May 15, 1972 and became a World Heritage Site for its connection to the Ryukyu Kingdom on December 2, 2000. From the castle site, you can look out over both the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the waves. There is a wide grassy lawn after you proceed through the entrance. There is a stone staircase on the outer wall that you can climb to see the view along the top of the wall. However, the elderly and children should be careful as it is narrow. Please be careful when you walk the grounds. Some areas are lined with ropes for you to hold onto as you explore.

User Reviews

  • 桜坂オリオン 城祭りで年に一度は行きます。落ち着いた雰囲気で祭りをのんびり楽しめるので毎年必ず行っています。今年はこちらでグスクロックフェスがあるので、今から楽しみ!です。

    2015/01/02 14:55
  • OhanA 世界遺産なんですね!

    2012/12/05 10:41
  • Toni This was our first adventure on island. It's a great vantage point to see out for miles. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy when we went, but we're definitely planning a trip again. The castle remains are spread out over a significant area and it was fun to climb up and down. Some of the steps are a bit steep so it might not be the best place to take small children.

    2012/06/05 11:13
  • 巨人 世界遺産とは知りませんでした。

    2011/10/20 11:25
  • ユミ この間、初めて行きました。


    2010/03/17 15:45
  • ピラ 高校生の時、ここに夜しのびこんで肝試しをするのが流行ってた。

    2008/06/19 11:59
  • ねずみ@そーこー 入り口すぐの原っぱは広くてピクニックしたくなる。



    2008/06/10 23:26
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