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CLUB yukids

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Basic Information

The mini-amusement park is located on the second floor of Shintoshin Co-op Apple Town. Play structures include inflated boats, slides, a ball pit, merry-go-cube, and many more. The entire facility uses cushion-like soft material so children may run around and play freely without being hurt if they fall down. There is a point-care for frequent visitors. Next door is a crepe shop and Blue Seal ice cream shop so parents may sit on the benches and tables and watch other their children as they play inside. Yu Kids Island is the perfect place for children to play on rainy days.

User Reviews

  • 外が暑い日や、雨の日など、公園にいけないときに利用します。20分コースじゃちょっと短いかも。

    2008/09/11 10:04
  • くぅみこ 私の用事(サロン♪)の間、パパと息子は遊キッズへ。





    2008/06/30 13:50
  • pan 雨降ってて公園行けないけど、
    遊ぶ気まんまん! な時はココ良いです。


    2008/06/10 11:23
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