User Agreement

Article 1 (General)

  • This user agreement sets the usage conditions and restrictions for all users on Chura Kids (the “Service”). We request that you, the user, use this website in accordance with the terms set forth in this agreement.

Article 2 (User Definition & Registration)

  • “Users” includes both registered and guest users.
  • “Registered users” are defined as individuals are granted user permissions by VAMP Inc. after entering the necessary user information and submitting the registration form.
  • “Guest users” are defined as individuals who visit the Service to view and search content without becoming registered users as defined in the preceding clause.
  • VAMP Inc. can permanently deny access and terminate membership to the Service to both users attempting to gain user permissions and to already registered users in instances that, in our judgment, correspond to any of the following conditions:
    • The user’s registration information contains false information
    • The user’s registration information (i.e. name, address, etc.) changes, but the user fails to update his/her registration information
    • The user breaches the conditions of this User Agreement
    • Even though the user registers, he/she is not active on the Service for an extended period of time
    • Any other action that VAMP Inc. deems to be inappropriate
  • After completing the registration procedure, the user becomes a temporary-registered user until confirming his/her registration (via a hyperlink sent to the user’s email address from VAMP Inc.) within one month of initially registering. If the user fails to confirm registration after a month, the temporary-registered user name and password becomes void.

Article 3 (User Name & Password)

  • Registered users are solely responsible for managing their own user names and passwords.
  • All actions performed under a user name and password will be viewed as the actions of the concerned user name’s registered owner.
  • Each individual is eligible to have only one registered user account. When registering a user name and password, you must provide accurate and legitimate registration information including an email address.
  • Registered user accounts and passwords are for individual use only, and the transfer and loan of account information is prohibited in all cases.
  • If your registered user name and password is leaked to a third party or a third party wrongfully uses your registered account, please contact VAMP Inc. immediately. Furthermore, VAMP Inc. assumes no responsibility for losses and cannot compensate for damages in cases where the user’s actions have led to the improper use of his/her user name and password.
  • If VAMP Inc. deems it necessary, we can delete a registered user name and password or ban a user from using the Service.

Article 4 (Privacy)

  • Internet access is required to use the Service. The appropriate preparation, installation, and operation of the various hardware, software, and connections necessary for internet access are the user’s responsibility and expense. Since VAMP Inc. does not participate in constructing the user’s environment of access, we cannot assume any responsibility for access preparations or operations.
  • The user is solely responsible for all of his/her submitted items that are published on the Service including the user’s reviews, comments, profile, and journal. Accordingly, VAMP Inc. assumes no responsibility for the contents of published items on the Service such as reviews, comments, profiles, and journals.
  • In instances where a user defames a third party, infringes on a third party’s privacy rights, breaches copyright, or violates any other rights of a third party, the user in question is solely liable for reaching a settlement and covering all costs incurred. VAMP Inc. assumes no responsibility in these circumstances.
  • If a user’s published content becomes a cause of annoyance to a third party, the user in question is solely and financially responsible for finding a solution, and VAMP Inc. will assume no liability in these circumstances.

Article 5 (Prohibited Matters)

  • While using the Service, the user must not violate any laws such as the following:
    • Violation of copyright, patent rights, or any other intellectual property rights
    • Violation of privacy
    • Defamation, insult, or obstruction of a third party’s business or living
    • Fraud
    • Establishment of, solicitation for, or operation of a pyramid scheme
    • Violation of laws regarding the prevention of illegal computer access, criminal acts such as computer damage that fall under criminal interference with a person’s business (as stated in Japanese Penal Code Article 234 Section 2), or unlawful operation of VAMP Inc. or any other third party’s computer systems
    • Any other actions involving criminal behavior or failing to comply with legal regulations
  • While using the Service, the user must not perform any socially inappropriate actions such as the following:
    • Announcement of criminal activities, instruction in criminal manners, or incitement of criminal behavior
    • Discrimination based on a person’s race, ethnicity, beliefs, gender, social status, place of residence, physical characteristics, medical history, education, assets and earnings, etc.
    • Immoral, vulgar, harmful, and indecent actions, submission of content expressing hateful feelings towards a third party, or displays of content and information related to pornography, prostitution or the sex industry
    • Nuisance, harassment, defamation, slander, or infliction of emotional or financial harm upon a third party without just cause
    • Assuming the name of another person, company, or organization, employing the name of an established company or organization without the proper authorization, misrepresenting yourself as a fictional person, company or organization, or falsely claiming a collaboration with another person, company, or organization
    • Impersonation of a third party and falsification of information
    • Any other actions that are in defiance of public order and decency standards or are generally understood to be socially inappropriate
  • While using the Service, the user must not perform any other inappropriate actions such as the following:
    • Publicity, solicitation, etc. for the purpose of advertising or conducting business (However, these restrictions do not apply in any instance VAMP Inc. has deemed to be a special case.)
    • Sharing registered user accounts or possessing more than one user account per individual without the consent of VAMP Inc.
    • Employing a user name that purposefully misleads or offends another person or employing a misleading user name that is identical or similar to a company, organization, or product that is generally known by the public or VAMP Inc.
    • Malice in outgoing mail and reviews or actions that appear unmannerly
    • Theft, collection, accumulation, alteration, or utilization of a third party’s personal information
    • Redirection, sale, or resale of the Service’s content and services without the consent of VAMP Inc.
  • While using the “Journal” function on the Service, users must not perform any of the following actions or those similar in nature:
    • Infringing upon copyright or any other legal rights in published Journal entries and keywords
  • In addition to the activities delineated above, the user must not perform any actions that VAMP Inc. deems to be inappropriate.

Article 6 (Property Rights)

  • VAMP Inc. reserves all property rights to any information, services, and software included in the Service’s software client.
  • All of the software used on the Service contains property rights and trade secrets under the protection of legal regulations regarding intellectual property rights.
  • The user retains all copyrights to his/her originally created Journal entries and submitted photographs.
  • In order to offer, promote, advertise, and publicize the Service and its uses, the user grants VAMP Inc. non-exclusive and royalty-free rights to publish user-generated content on the Service or any other website.
  • If the user transfers copyrights of content submitted on the Service to a third party, the third party must agree to the terms in this section. If the third party in question fails to comply, copyrights will not be transferred.

Article 7 (Liability Exemptions)

  • VAMP Inc. expends the utmost possible effort in order to make the Service useful, however we assume no responsibility for any damages, whether intentional or unintentional, towards the user or any third party caused by site defects, temporary interruptions, content removal, modifications, or site termination.
  • The majority of content on the Service is posted by registered users, and VAMP Inc. assumes no responsibility for the supervision of all content posted to the Service. Thus, VAMP Inc. assumes no liability for damages, whether intentional or unintentional, to the user or a third party that occurred while using the Service.
  • While it is not the duty of VAMP Inc. to supervise all content on the Service, in instances where content is posted or is anticipated that breaches the terms of this User Agreement, VAMP Inc. can delete the content in question, move the location where it is published, and cancel the user registration of the content generator. Under these circumstances, the user in question cannot lodge a protest against the actions taken by VAMP Inc.
  • VAMP Inc. assumes no responsibility for verifying the legality, morality, reliability, accuracy, or compliancy to copyright laws of content or hyperlinks posted to the Service. Additionally, VAMP Inc. is not responsible for verifying whether or not the above-mentioned hyperlinks are current.
  • If a user’s voluntarily submitted content leads to complications with another user or a third party such as disputes, slander, malice, fraud, or stalking, VAMP Inc. will not be held liable for any losses and damages incurred by these complications, whether intentional or unintentional. The user should act responsibly and take the utmost care when engaging in interactions with other users and third parties.

Article 8 (Agreement & Service Changes)

  • This User Agreement can be modified without notice. Please periodically review the most up-to-date version when using the Service because it is difficult for us to individually notify every user of changes to this User Agreement.
  • VAMP Inc. may modify, supplement, or delete content on the Service without prior notice.
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